I think that there are certain kinds of people you would love to meet during the course of the day and you dont. The kind that uplift you in this economy and tough economic times.
For whatever reason, you meet the wrong people at the wrong time at the wrong place. It just happens.

On my way to work today, i met noone. Noone imparticular whom i could have a stimulating conversation with or get inspired by this very day. I met some people after i reshowed a house during a bank appraisal who were very negative on just life. They poked and prodded at every little thing and didnt take a step back to see that they were actually getting a good deal on a house. Even the bank appraiser thought so, and we looked at each other in disbelief. Well after a couple of sentences and some heavy convincing, i was able to be me again and both buyer and his future mother-in-law were good again. I can't keep doing this, meeting people i dont care to meet on my journey to motivation.

So its now after hours and the phone has not rung with anything interesting. I shall go home and greet my lovely wife who is with child. I shall have a nice evening. She is cooking an oven stuffer roaster and i shall retreat to the dinner table for a nice meal. Maybe watch some television and off to bed. Tomorrow, hopefully, i shall meet some interesting people who can offer me up some motivation and inspire me to keep going on my journey.

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