So its the beginning of a new day, which means new ideas and new problems ahead of me. How does one fit all he recieves into one day. I know its not After Hours, but technically, as i sit in my office when the phone hasnt rung yet, constitutes that it is before the work day, ergo, after hours.

The life of a salesman is not like the life of Willy Loman. Willy had a more straight and narrow approach to selling. But his technique of soft selling was there. The world then was not prepared for this way of selling. I think from what i have read, people back then didnt like his approach because he didnt have finesse to his method. Years later, the act of the soft sell is pretty much recieved in society because people detest the hard sell car salesman who is pushy, arrogant and above all mr. showmanship.

People have feelings, and want what is best for themselves. They dont care about what you have done for them in the past, but what you do for them now. Its the now and now thats most important to people. And they will always question your technique time and time again as if they can do it better. Last night, a wife used her husband to do her bidding in the act of reprimanding me for not being more aggressive in selling their home. So now i have to invent people to buy peoples houses. And get this, she was appalled that young people were being brought to her home, questioning if they had the money to buy it. Bottom line, Mr. Mrs. Seller, if young people are out on a sunday afternoon looking at homes, they are buyers. Maybe they are more picky and know what they want. But one shouldnt discriminate because even young people have parents and grandparents who lend them the downpayment for the purchase of a home. And young people cannot be pushed or poked to go out and buy homes. Thats pushy! Thats salesmanship and softsell at its finest.

The average buyer doesnt want softsell, pushiness or a gun to their head, period. Then whats left for Willy is to make people feel sorry for him? Well thats the stereotype, isnt it of Willy Loman. So i think i will stick to my schtick as they say as it has worked for me for over 20years now. The Art of Selling and Listing by Joe Sinnona! Nice ring to that. Maybe one day the book will be written and i shall be famous. But for now, I shall peddle my wares yet another day.

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