December 1, 2009 What a day! And it is not even over yet. The day begins with my client being screwed by his own bank for a shortage of escrow. His only option is to make up that escrow shortage or pay a higher mortgage premium beginning next month. This is ridiculous since the guy is already paying a higher mortgage as it is. The dilemma here is, does he pay it or risk losing his home, credit and further fight the woes of a recession that seem to be trickling down to my clients.
The second bombshell of the day is insurance. My bank now requires me to have flood insurance (which by the way isnt cheap) so that when the big one comes, i will be covered. Well i got news for you Mr. Insurance guy, where do i get the money to pay the in full premium your asking, and why all the worry when we are past hurricane season up here.

Recession worries are out there alright. They keep crawling to the very being of our businesses. And in the midst of this growing and spreading, life goes on and we continue to find ways to pay our bills.

"oh Happy Day" is the song i like and appropriate to sing. Right? Or is it "should i stay or should i go now"? Nah i like the happier song that guides me, inspires me and most of all keeps me moving in direction. Willy Loman had a purpose in life and he never gave up. Neither shall I.

Damn't i am a salesperson too. I wasnt born into the business, the business was born into me. So with great inspiration i carry on and continue to peddle my wares until this recession becomes non-existent and i can chant once again, "I am back on Top" hooray hooray....

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