Ok so the term "the end of the day" phrase has been over used. Where ever i go i encounter people who use this phrase as means of illustrating their affirmations on what will occur when and how in their lives. It is the sort of phrase that people have used to conclude what part of their lives will paint a new face of style, subject or a part of their love life. In real estate, its always the meaning behind how much it will cost someone "at the end of the day". And in real estate, lately, this phrase is so overused that its nauseating just hearing it.

Some might conclude that its a helping phrase to assist the person in driving their point home. No pun intended.

While others might conclude that saying this phrase means you are a part of the masses of people who use this and now you have jumped on their bandwagon of a well known catch phrase. Thats it! Its a fad, let it be please. If it is then it was the worst one i have ever heard for 2009. But i heard it in 2008 as well. Oh no, what if its growing like a fungus in a lab? "At the end of the day", etc...and so on and so on....No dont let it be.

As with most blogs, they end "at the end of a day" when most people surmize their thoughts on paper. I have beaten the masses today as i will not write "at the end of the day", but rather at the beginning of a new day. Ha Ha...there. Cmon, peoples lets not all be joined at the hip, let alone the mouth. There are more catch phrases we can all be using, but why use them at all. Why? Can someone tell me? I think personally, because you can't stop yourself from saying words that are common to the masses. "At the end of the day" people will always be who they are, but this salesperson doesnt have to conform to what is the "norm".

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