Its Sunday in real estate. After having another thanksgiving feast at my inlaws last night, i find myself today with an uncontrollable case of acid reflux. The food was great and all but very rich for my taste. Leg of Lamb and potatoes were scumptous, but i think it was the spinach pie that topped off the evening.

Sundays in real estate in December, are slow. But there is plently of paperwork to do when one has gotten listings all week. The fine tuning of showing instructions on every listing is as important than the actual directions on finding the house. I also did a rental yesterday which is good because now i will have some bread and butter for the week to tie me over until the closings come. If i have learned anything from this business, its that you must always prepare for when the rain comes and when it doesnt come. My advice to all new comers, get plenty of tums, because its not the good food in real estate that kills you, its the anticpation of a new deal that does.

Gotta love Sundays. Where are those days when i used to read the paper and have my coffee and curl up on the couch? Who me? I havent done that in 20 yrs. That must of been a dream of mine a long time ago. As the sun goes down, and the night chill sets in, my reflux is still there. Oh my God, not another sleepless night. Make it go away.

Well at least i can count on tomorrow. Mondays are the busiest day in real estate no matter what time of year.

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