Tired. Too many holiday parties this time of year. The life of a salesman is great this time of year, because of the amount of holiday parties you must attend in order to secure your "place" in the new year. It is a fantastic opportunity to network with people who potentially can give you some business in the next weeks to follow.

But it does take toll on your body and well being after a few cranberry and gooses. And all that food, adding extra poundage where you don't need it. Holiday parties can be fun and yet scary at the same time. Mishaps and near misses can occur. For example - The other night my client and I attended the same party. My wife and I went up to the buffet table and when we returned we were witness to my 94 yr old client choking on her veal marsala. And after all the brew ha ha
my brother, the paramedic was called in to help Mrs. M and her shaken condition. I mean the old lady practically saw her late husband George at the perly gates, why wouldnt she be shaken.
Then i looked up to the sky and thanked God for sparing her, especially since i have only been trying to sell her property for the last 3yrs 11 mos. Next month, God willing, will be the closing.
Mrs. M told me a few weeks back, that she was going to die after this closing. After, not before, operative word.

The holidays always sneak up on a salesman, having a tough time to close more deals before the new year. Everyone from attorneys to banks take a holiday leave of absence in their mind and tell you that "we will close it in the new year" or that "the deal is stalled" etc.
People move at a snails pace and the one who gets stuck with his mojo out of motion is the salesman who always comes up short on his christmas shopping because some numb nuts decides it isnt time to close yet. Are you hearing me, you who stall the closings. You who tie up a lot of money so the economy slows down. You belong at Macys or Lord and Taylor...selling perfumes or cosmetics because you obviously know nothing about my frustrating business. Step into my broke shoes and tell me if you want a closing around now so you can buy your wife the lovely diamond necklace she deserves.

Thats the holidaze. Thats the confusing part of the holidays. The time of year where everything seems to be in a circle. And it keeps going round and round until you wake up and its New Years Eve all over again. Poof it will be 2010 and everyone makes peace with the fact that its a new year and we must all be on this motivational kick. Heck i have been in a motivational kick since january of this year. I just wish all were on my bandwagon for a change. Wouldnt it be nice if the world were more positive? You know who you are? Cmon, lets be strong and positive you bankers, attorneys, engineers and alike. Lets save this recession from depression. If you agree with me about all i have written, comment here.

Have a wonderful Holiday everyone...Merry Christmas to my Christian folk, Happy Hanukkah to my Jewish folk, Happy Boxing Day to my English folk, & Happy Kwanzaa to my Africian American Folk.

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