Some Real Estate agents choose to work from home. Especially on Sundays where they can afford to be lazy, read the paper and drink coffee in their pajamas. That is exactly what i did today. But i did manage to put together a long standing deal on an offer that has been negotiated now two months, almost. And i have two inquirys on two different houses that i will show tomorrow to two potential customers. Then an engineers report possibly scheduled for Wednesday or Thursday. Not bad for staying home with the wife and wanting to relax. Realtors don't often relax. The good ones rarely have vacation time, while the bad ones have full time jobs to keep up with their bills.

I, on the other hand have chosen for now, to keep up with the business, go out and make more money by showing, listing and renting homes. "The basics", as some might call it. It's the only way to stay alive in this recession. But working from home has its advantages. For one, you dont need to get dressed, and the other, you dont need to be on...And besides, the phone rang more here at home than it would have at the office. Got to love Sundays. And i read the paper too, which keeps me current on current events. Monday begins tomorrow.

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