Yes the stomach bug got me up at 5am this morning and i am still running between sentences here. But there is so much daytime TV i can take, that i had to write on my stomach bug. When salespeople get sick, its not pretty because all they want to do is to be at their desk, working. I for one, rarely get sick, because i like working. And yes, there are those people who get sick of working, and sick and tired of people complaining, but i am one who enjoys it. I must be a sick man to want to go to work.

The bug is an excruciating pain that does not want to go away. It develops in the lower abdomen and stays there. Its more like a bad buyer who constantly wants to look at houses without offering a kind or unkind word about anything he or she has seen. And then looks at you with that look of doubt and says, "i want to see more houses". That buyer whose only trust in himself or herself and that gets to the core of me. Gets to the pit of my stomach. Maybe that's why i have a stomach virus. Maybe its all this indecisiveness that has my stomach in knots, in terrible pain.

Bad day to Blog...I feel yucky.

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