We donot need another disaster of any means, whether it is oil or gas. Please read the excerpts of this report and get involved. Contact your local senator, assemblyman and or congressman. Tell them to oppose this project and learn from the recent gulf coast explosion. Donot allow this to happen to our shores. LNG : Liquified Natural Gas Island is in the works....for Long Island ASIG intends to lay 12.8 miles of pipeline below the ocean's floor from the terminal to meet an existing pipeline that extends from New Jersey to Long Beach. That existing pipeline is full to capacity.  Bringing in another pipeline to meet the existing one will not bring in more natural gas, but will displace domestic natural gas.  We get 97 percent of our natural gas from North America – 86 percent from the United States.  New discoveries of natural gas all across North America have flooded the regional pipelines that supply the entire nation, making LNG imports obsolete.  We have enough natural gas for 100 years. So, to put it simply, regarding a LNG facility – We don't need it! If built, the island would become a depot for the importation, storage and regasification of LNG from countries, such as Russia and Iran – countries that use energy in power plays, putting our security at risk.  Foreign tankers coming into our harbor filled with LNG is dangerous.   New York is already a terrorist target.  Why build a new target less than 14 miles off our shores and invite tankers from unfriendly nations to our ports?  Our tax dollars would be paying our Coast Guard to secure the region and patrol the security buffer zone surrounding the island. Boaters, divers and fisherman who have enjoyed these areas for generations would be prohibited from going anywhere near the  island. Although natural gas is relatively clean, the process of liquefying gas requires cooling it to -260 degrees so that tankers can ship 600 times the amount than they could in gas form.  This process is reported as having a carbon footprint nearly equal to coal.  Then it is shipped to the island and regasified.  It is extremely prone to explosive ignition from otherwise innocuous sources such as cigarettes, boat engines, even cell phones.  An explosion that close to our shores would be catastrophic.    There are so many reasons why I believe this island should not be built.  But I must address the one that touches me down to my very soul.  We will see it.  When I go to the beach and look out onto the horizon, my eyes will be drawn to it and it will hurt. It will be a reminder of our dependence on foreign energy and creating a dependence that we don't already have. The oceans are our last open space.  I cannot think of another place on Long Island where I can look out and see the horizon as people have seen it for millions of years.  It is our duty to protect and preserve it for future generations.

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